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Send & Receive Fax On Computer

Welcome! Are you looking the best send or receive fax on computer solutions for your needs? On this website, we will show you can send or receive faxes via email or through the internet without a fax machine.


For most of us, sending or receiving faxes on a computer is the best way to approach faxing. As times have progressed, and with email, texting and instant messaging being the main ways of communication, we have grown used to fast and direct electronic communications without being restricted by maintaining physical equipment and messing with paper documents. Modern faxing means being able to send receive fax online or electronic faxing via email.

There are two main ways send or receive faxes on a computer:

1. Fax with phone line using computer faxing software that connects to a fax modem and landline. More info.
2. Fax without phone line using an online fax service that takes our fax via email, online fax software panel, or through a web browser and sends it to a destination fax machine.

Both ways will allow us to send or receive fax by email, although the second method is easier to do and has commonly been called a fax to email service or email to fax service.

How To Receive A Fax On Computer

The easiest way to receive fax via email will require the use of some type of online faxing service. These services provide you with a local phone number or toll-free number for faxing that you can print on your business cards. You don't have to go through the trouble of adding a second fax line or share a voice line with a fax line.

Once someone sends a fax to your fax number, the fax is re-directed to your email inbox as an attachment, usually in a .TIFF or .PDF format that is easily read by most image readers.

For more information about online fax services, visit the Fax Over The Internet section.

The alternative way to receive faxes on your computer is through computer faxing programs. Almost every person on a PC can access either a computer faxing program free. This is called Windows Fax and Scan. For Mac users, there is a software called PageSender which comes with a free trial and then $40 for the full version. You will also need a fax modem and a regular phone line or landline for this faxing system to work.

For more information, visit the Computer Fax Programs, Free and Paid section.

How To Send A Fax From My Computer

The question "How to send a fax from my computer?" is one of the top questions posted by anyone looking to do a fax without a fax machine. Like the above answer on receiving a fax on computer, you have two main choices when it comes to receiving faxes on a computer. The first and easiest way is to go through an online fax service. After you sign up with an internet fax service, you fax through your email message box. For images, logos and other formats, you can upload documents to be faxed out usually in text, Microsoft Word or .PDF formats.

The next most popular question about sending faxes is, you guessed it, "How to send a from my computer for free?" The great news is that can also send a fax from your computer for free through the service. They allow users to type in text their fax messages or upload attachments and send a limited numbers of pages per day. For better service and assurance, you may also want to consider getting the paid option.

FaxZero allows you to upgrade to send more pages with a small payment or else get started with monthly internet faxing services available.

The above internet faxing services are also referred to by a variety of terms like: send receive fax online, send receive faxes via internet, or send receive faxes via email services, as differentiated from sending or receiving a fax on a computer fax modem and phone line.

Similar to what has been explained about computer faxing programs for receiving a fax on the computer, you can send faxes on your computer using a computer fax softwares like Windows Fax and Scan, WinFax or Page Sender. To do this, you need a piece of inexpensive hardware called the fax modem.

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